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We believe that family is the backbone of society and thus the wellbeing of family members and caregivers is the backbone of our work. We offer the following counseling services focused at the family unit:

  • Support for parents and guardians who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.
  • Child and adolescent therapy – Children grieve too. They get confused navigating life and dealing with loss of a loved one, bullying, identity crisis among other common issues. Depending on their age we use techniques that enable them to share their issues, feelings and help them find solutions to the challenges they are facing.
  • Bereavement support – We all face loss through different forms right from death of a loved one, divorce, employment, property or a relationship. At Still A Mum we are the helping hand to assist you navigate grief.
  • Support for parents with postpartum depression – Adjusting to life as a mother can be difficult. Postpartum depression is manageable and can be treated. Therapy is among the treatment models that allows you to experience positive change.
  • Other mental health issues that come with pregnancy and/or early parenthood.

For more information Email: helpline@stillamum.com