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Wanjiru Kihusa
Founder & CEO

Having lost her daughter in 2013, she encountered firsthand the gaps in how bereaved parents are treated after a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death – specifically in Kenya and Africa in general. Wanjiru, formerly a Client Service Manager in an IT firm, is now a maternal and newborn health champion specifically in the area of maternal mental health. Through her, Kenya marked Pregnancy and Infant Loss Week for the first time ever in 2015 – now an annual event. She has a Master’s degree in Communication and PR and a Bachelor’s degree in IT.
Wanjiru is one of the 6 Kenyans who was recently selected for the Facebook Community Leadership Program (FCLP), a global initiative to celebrate and train over 100 leaders across the world using social media for social good.

Rahab Kabiru
Co-founder & COO

Rahab and her husband found tremendous comfort in the support they received from the medical team, friends and family, after the death of their son Jesse in 2014. The compassionate bereavement care helped them cope and deal while journeying grief. Her involvement with SAM has grown over the years, until her appointment as Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Vice-chair to the board of directors in November 2018. She is particularly interested in using her finance and strategy background to improve the quality of bereavement care available to parents and families who have lost a baby as well as help reduce further loss of babies’ lives in Africa.

Yolanda Kinopp
Yolanda Knopp
In Charge of Counselling

Yolanda Knopp is a licensed Counseling Psychologist practicing in Karen, Nairobi. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from the United States International University – Africa. Her specialty includes serving individuals, couples, families and groups with issues relating to Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Marriage and Family, Life Transitions, Relational problems, and Stress.
Yolanda also serves moms, dads, and families struggling with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders. Her strong belief on the importance of social support in addressing Perinatal Depression, Major Postpartum Depression, and other Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders, is drawn from the findings of extensive research (including her own) conducted on the subject. She is licensed by Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association (KCPA) and is a member of Postpartum Support International as well as American Psychological Association (APA).

Kennedy Nyarotho
In Charge of IT

Kennedy has been involved with Still a Mum since inception, initially offering support and advice on various issues touching on finance and technology. Trained as an electrical engineer but now practicing as a financial expert, Kennedy has cross-cutting experience in information systems, innovation and audit. He is deeply passionate about improving access to basic needs, especially food and healthcare, available to the less privileged in society; and offering his services at the board of Still a Mum brings him much fulfillment seeing the impact it has in transforming the lives of bereaved parents.

Eliud Ngugi
In Charge of Legal

Ngugi became involved with Still A Mum during its conception and registration stage. As an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, he has assisted in drafting legal opinions on the adoption process in Kenya, legal compliance and representation. Ngugi is passionate about family law and hopes that through his involvement in the organization he will have the laws on bereavement, pregnancy and infant health legislated. As a board member, Ngugi currently offers legal advice to the organization.

Elizabeth Kyalo
In Charge of Finance

She is a mother, wife, finance professional and a qualified accountant. Her second child was on the way! An exciting pregnancy went south in a span of 7 days from diagnosis of preeclampsia to death of a daughter who lived 45 hours after an emergency CS at 27 weeks. This event redefined Elizabeth. She reached out to SAM for support and extended a helping hand. The lack of local information relating to preeclampsia keeps her awake.
As a board member of SAM, Elizabeth's role ensures sound financial controls and records to enable SAM propagate its mandate in perinatal health.

Parita Shah
Strategic Management

Parita became involved with Still A Mum in January 2015, very shortly after experiencing a late term miscarriage. By reaching out to Wanjiru for support, Parita quickly realized how her professional experience can be used to support the set up and growth of Still A Mum. She continues to work with Wanjiru and the Still A Mum team to set the strategy and direction for the organization. She aspires for Still A Mum to bring education and awareness on peri-natal care to all communities across the African continent and support delivery of the best possible care for bereaved parents and families.

Natalie Huffman-Blake
Strategic Management

Following three child losses via miscarriage and ruptured ectopic pregnancy, Natalie Huffman joined SAM as a board member in 2018. Her involvement with SAM began on the other side of the world, in New York City where she resides. Natalie is a seasoned veteran in the healthcare industry, having working in various healthcare roles for over 20 years. She currently serves as Manager of Training & Development for an academic medical center in NYC. Natalie holds a BA in Technical & Professional Writing from the University of South Florida.

Dr Sam
Dr. Sam Kamau
Communications & PR

Dr. Sam Kamau is a media and communications scholar and practitioner based at the Aga Khan University’s Graduate School of Media and Communications with 12 years’ experience in academic. Sam previously taught at the University of Nairobi, School of Journalism for 8 years.
Sam holds a PhD in Communication Studies with a specialization in social media and political communication. He has interests and experience in campaign communication, political strategy, digital advocacy, and social impact campaigns.
Sam is a media and communications trainer. He has trained communication professionals and organizations on communication strategy, social media management, digital advocacy strategy, political risk analysis and management, dealing with misinformation and disinformation, among others.
A regular conference speaker, Sam is a common face in many industry and academic conferences and roundtables. He is also a regular guest on Television and radio shows offering commentary and analysis on contemporary and topical issues in the region.

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