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Mental Health is such a critical aspect of our well-being. Anyone can be affected with a mental health issue just like any other physical ailment. Through our work, we’ve realized that even in religious organizations, individuals do go through mental health issues. They are faced by different challenges and one of the most common way of dealing with them has always been confiding in the pastors, sheikhs or the relevant leaders of these institutions.

  • We desire to empower a society whereby we can support our families, colleagues and friends through basic skills in offering psychosocial support. We imagine that it can be overwhelming for the religious leaders to support the whole community. Through this, we partner with relevant institutions to train individuals in churches, mosques or temples on basic counselling skills.
  • We also partner with religious organizations by conducting Mental Health workshops whereby we train the relevant congregants on Mental Health Wellness. Through such outreach programs, we aim to create awareness on mental health conditions, healthy coping mechanisms and self-care. A referral system is developed and the congregants can be referred to our organization for psychosocial services.

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