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Diana Chepkosgei Tanui
Lead counselor

Diana Chepkosgei Tanui is a qualified Psychologist with 3 years’ experience in the Mental health care industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Moi University. Diana is certified by Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association. Diana is also a certified HIV Testing and Counselling Provider. She is specifically trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and accredited by Kenya Association of Professional Counselors.
Diana is passionate about offering support, empowering and psycho educating clients with the relevant knowledge that they need to navigate issues of life. She is specifically experienced in Medical Counselling, Maternal Mental Health Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Grief Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Adolescent therapy.

Teresia Wangui Wanyama

Teresia Wangui Wanyama is a qualified Psychologist with 7 years of experience in Counseling. She holds Bachelor of Art degree in Counselling Psychology from Pan Africa University (PAC). She is certified by Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association (KCPA), certified by Satire Institute of the Pacific in collaboration with Satire Institute of Africa with Satire Transformational Therapy, certified by Mediational Training Institute of International (MTI) with professional meditator and certified by East African school of Theology with Bible and Theology.
Teresia is passionate in offering support in counseling through child and adolescent therapy, family therapy, individual and group counseling, psycho education, loss and grief counseling, trauma counselling, premarital counselling, conflict resolution and spiritual guidance. Her strengths lies in Rehabilitation psychology and addiction.
Teresia is a wife and a mother of two daughters aged 13 and 10 years.

Rosa Sanau

Rosa Sanau is a Marriage and Family Therapist with 2 years of experience. She holds a higher diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling studies with special interest in loss and grief counselling, child counselling, life skills training and motivation. She also holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Moi University.
Rosa’s passion lies in seeing individuals make conscious decision to transform their lives and discover their potential. She believes that the beauty of being a counselor is that the real work begins in self- awareness and transforming oneself before anyone else. This keeps her motivated and focusing on transforming the world one session and interaction at a time.
Rosa enjoys long walks in nature, deep conversations, play time with family, reading spiritual and motivational books.
Rosa is also a wife and a mother of one daughter.

Agnes Wambui Ngundo

Agnes Wambui Ngundo is a qualified Psychologist with 2 years’ experience in both Child Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from United States International University (USIU-A).
Agnes is specifically experienced in Mental Health Counselling, Child Therapy, Grief Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Agnes is passionate about facilitating, offering empowerment, support and information to guide clients in making informed decisions.

Ann Wangui

Ann Wangui is a qualified Counseling Psychologist with 4 years’ experience in different fields which includes loss and grief counseling, addiction counseling and trauma counseling. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Africa Nazarene University and a Diploma in Counseling Psychology from Technical University of Kenya. She is a Certified member of Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association. Ann is also a certified HIV Testing and Counseling provider.
Ann is passionate in supporting clients going through crisis in life through counseling and empowerment.

Esther Njoki Gathoni

Esther Njoki Gathoni is a qualified Counselling Psychologist with 3 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Counselling Psychology from Mount Kenya University.
She is specifically experienced in loss and grief counselling, child and adolescent counselling.
Esther’s passion lies in working with children and adolescents. Esther is committed to create awareness on mental health in our society.
Esther is a wife and a mother of two, one angel baby and a one-year old son.

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