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This is a capacity building workshop where we invite pregnant women and their partners and teach them on pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum care as one of our mandates is to actively reduce child and maternal mortality in Kenya. This initiative was birthed out of a need to empower rainbow parents who got pregnant again after previous losses. We figured that there is a gap in information. When pregnant mums are not aware of crucial information such as distinguishing between true and false labor, monitoring baby movement and danger signs, a preventable loss may occur. However, an empowered couple is able to take charge of the pregnancy and seek help when they need to – clearly articulating their needs when they go to the hospital.

We therefore partner with hospitals in conducting Mama Zawadi programs. They market the event to the pregnant mothers, provide venue and speakers. We work with Gynecologists, Mid wives, doulas and nurses during such programs. Over the years, we have successfully worked with Jacaranda Maternity hospital, AIC Kijabe hospital, Avenue Hospital, Huruma Nursing Home and SHOFCO Mathare.

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