Mama Zawadi #7 at Avenue Hospital Mombasa

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Mama Zawadi #7 at Avenue Hospital Mombasa

Posted by: Wanjiru Kihusa
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Mama ZawadiWe finally had an event outside Nairobi – Mama Zawadi Mombasa was everything and more!

One of our biggest desires has been to take our mental health services and workshops to other counties other than Nairobi. The largest number of bereaved parents in our support groups is in Nairobi followed closely by Mombasa and Nakuru. It therefore makes sense that our first out of Nairobi event would be in Mombasa.

The Mama Zawadi events are forums where we bring together pregnant women and their partners as well new moms and dads then have medical professionals speak to them on various topics pertaining pregnancy and new parenthood. We always have a segment on mental health that touches on mental well-being during pregnancy and in the first year postpartum.

This was our 7th Mama Zawadi event with the first and second being at Kijabe Hospital (Kijabe) and Jacaranda Hospital (Kahawa West) respectively. These two were in November and December 2018. We started 2019 in Avenue Hospital -Parklands Nairobi where we had 121 attendees 14 being men. We later on had other Mama Zawadi events at Huruma Nursing Hospital and SHOFCO Mathare on June 8th and 15th respectively. Check out our gallery for pics for these events!

Having worked with Avenue Hospital earlier in the year for the Nairobi event, we felt they were a great partner. They are organized, communicate very well and are extremely passionate about their patients. The doctors, midwives, nurses and breastfeeding experts they brought were well versed in their field and great teachers making them connect to the audience very well. The moment we thought of taking Mama Zawadi to Mombasa we definitely knew who we would work. And as if it was possible, the Avenue Hospital Mombasa team surpassed our expectation.

We had a total of 82 people in attendance bringing the total number of attendees of our seven mama Zawadi events to 617! The following topics were tackled:

  1. Preganancy 101 – Dr. Teti (Gynecologist, Avenue Hospital)
  2. Labor & delivery – Jane Gicheru (Midwife, Avenue Hospital)
  3. Mental health during pregnancy and postpartum period – Wanjiru Kihusa (Still A Mum)
  4. Breastfeeding & postpartum care for mom – Pauline Muliru (Head Nurse, Avenue Hospital)
  5. Looking after a newborn – Catherine Ndinda (Nurse, Avenue Hospital)

Our partners:

Platinum Credit has been our financial sponsor for all these 7 Mama Zawadi events. Maternal and mental health is close to their hearts and we are honored to be their CSR partner in this area. Because of their support, we have been able to provide every attendee with 10am tea and a good lunch regardless of where the event is and the number of attendees.

Johnson & Johnson has been our product partner for the year. They train on newborn skin care and give our moms hampers with their products. We are thrilled to work with them.

Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!

Dr. Teti teaching on preconception and the pregnancy journey
Mama Zawadi
Who said Q&A sessions should be dull?
Mama Zawadi
A bit of stretching 🙂
Mama Zawadi
Mercy from Johnson & Johnson teaching on skin care for a newborn
Mr. & Miss Platinum were amazing volunteers
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Wanjiru Kihusa
Author: Wanjiru Kihusa
Wanjiru Kihusa is the founder of Still A Mum. She started this organization after losing her daughter in 2013. She is an avid reader and writer especially on matters relating to maternal mental health.

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