Mental well-being at work

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We believe that productivity at the workplace can only be enhanced with a motivated and mentally healthy workforce. We partner with companies to make sure this is a reality. We do this through:

  • Offering counselling services to their members of staff. Through these partnerships, we establish a referral system whereby companies refer their members of staff navigating a loss or death to us for counselling services. We keep a healthy balance of maintaining confidentiality of information shared by staff while honoring the partnership with each company.
  • We facilitate mental health workshops specifically training on:
    • Mental health wellness – looking after your mental wellbeing
    • Basic skills in offering psychosocial support to a colleague.
  • Influencing policies such as HR policies – we audit these and suggest changes to ensure the workplace is an environment that is conducive to the mental wellbeing of all that work there
  • Training of the human resource department and management on ways to support a bereaved colleague.

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